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International Service Management in the Context of Sustainable Development (monografia, e-book)

This book facilitates a harmonious convergence of the insights of distinguished scholars and practitioners who have written their chapters drawing primarily on three interconnected perspectives on sustainability and consumption. Entire publication is divided into four parts and contains selected chapters related to different aspects of service management from perspective of sustainable development and in context of different countries. First part provides inside to sustainability and sustainable development in services sector. Second one present selected aspects of management challenges in services sector. Part three is focus on consumer behavior and structure of consumption in context of sustainability goals. And finally last part in chapters related to sustainable development in different service business. This edited book is the culmination of the international research symposium on service management (IRSSM-11) a distinguished event that transpired in June 2023.

Edited by Jay Kandampully, Sławomir Smyczek
e-ISBN 978-83-7875-875-4
Data i miejsce publikacji Katowice, 09.01.2024
Liczba stron 370
Format PDF
Otwarty dostęp na licencji CC BY 4.0
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