23.03.2020 09:54 By: Centre for Scientific Information and Academic Library (CINiBA)

Remote functioning of the library CINiBA

Due to the growing threat of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, the Director of CINiBA decided, that from 14th March 2020 until further notice the stationary Library will be closed! THE LIBRARY WILL OPERATE ONLY REMOTELY!

  • Book return deadlines ending during library closure will be extended until next library opening.
  • During lending desk closure period, penalties for borrowed books after deadlines are suspended.
  • Book drop (machine for books self-return) is still available 24-hour per day.
  • Interlibrary orders are deliverd by interlibrary loan according to rules sent to users by e-mail. New orders can be send to: bgwm@ciniba.edu.pl. These orders will be completed depending on availability of cooperating libraries.
  • We still offer a service of sending digital copies to users by reader accounts. The price of electronic ordering and downloading of material digital copies from library collections is reduced to PLN 0,1. The service is available to readers with active library account. It is possibile to order items marked in online library catalog only with ‘Order a copy' button.
  • Lending desk, open space area, reading rooms, group work places and meeting rooms in the library are closed until further notice.
  • It is not possibile to visit the library and use collections and equipment onsite.
  • Possibility to order books for borrowing in CINIBA and faculty libraries of University of Silesia are suspended until further notice.
  • We encourage to use our e-resources – electronical licensed databases, journals and books.
  • University of Silesia subscribes over 60 scientific databases (including many full text data). Databases contain several dozen thousands titles of scientific journals and over 250 000 books. Most databases can be used via remote access, from any device connected to the Internet (also outside the computer network of the University of Silesia). For using sources in remote mode readers need active library account in a library system (Integro). Authorization happens through the HAN system. Please enter the same login (PESEL or account number) and password as in the library system (Integro online catalog). The databases can be used by employees, retired employees of the University of Silesia and also students of all degrees and students of postgraduate studies at the University of Silesia. List of subscribed electronic sources is available on website: https://www.ciniba.edu.pl/zrodla-alfabetycznie. Databases accesible remotely have a special link described as HAN US. This link takes you to the login page and after correct authorization, to the appropriate database. In case of sources with a specific access location indicated (e.g. Law Library at the Law Faculty of University of Silesia), usage will be possible after sending request to e-mail: zapytaj@ciniba.edu.pl. In case of problems with access to databases, please call 32 786 51 33 or send e-mail to zapytaj@ciniba.edu.pl
  • In order to meet the needs of readers - employees, students of all degrees and students of postgraduate studies at the University of Silesia and University of Economics, who do not have a library account in CINIBA and want to use e-resources from home (in case US) or use service of electronic ordering and downloading digital copies (in case US and UE), we provide a possibility to create remote account via registration form: https://integro.ciniba.edu.pl/integro/registration. Additionally, please send a request for remote access account activation to: bgwyp@ciniba.edu.pl. Verified newly registered readers will receive declaration on the e-mail address provided in the registration form. Declaration should be signed and scan or photo sent back to address: bgwyp@ciniba.edu.pl. After that newly registered readers will receive a confirmation of  reader's account activation, access to electronic sources (US) and service of sending digital copies to users by reader accounts (US and UE).
  • All events organized in CINIBA are cancelled.

Please follow the information on www.ciniba.edu.pl and social media. The above decisions may change. We will inform you immediately about all regulations. Please direct all questions to: zapytaj@ciniba.edu.pl or 32 786 51 30.

We invite you to use our electronic collections www.ciniba.edu.pl