11.02.2021 10:15 By: Marek Kiczka, spokesman; source: TMF Group

The TMF Group’s European Centre commences its strategic cooperation with our University

The most clever students and graduates of the University of Economics in Katowice will have an opportunity to join the ranks of the TMF Group’s European Centre and work in international teams for the benefit of the biggest companies from the Fortune 500 list. The cooperation of the global company with the University of Economics in Katowice is a result, inter alia, of an extraordinary performance of the alumni of the University in Katowice in the structures of the TMF Group.

The TMF Group’s European Centre commences its strategic cooperation with the University of Economics in Katowice

Recruitment to the TMF Group’s European Centre, located in Katowice, has been carried out for a few months. At least 300 specialist shall ultimately work in it. They will form part of international teams working directly with the biggest companies in the world, which are supported by the TMF Group in the area of accounting and taxes, staff and payroll management, as well as company secretarial services. 

The TMF Group operates in 80 branches in the world, and Poland is one of the most strategic amongst them. Apart from the TMF Group’s European Centre emerging in Katowice, a local branch of the company belonging to the largest of all of them operates in Poland too. Its offices are located in Warsaw and Katowice. The local specialists are exceptionally highly valued in the global structures of the company, and graduates of the University of Economics in Katowice are part of them as a matter of fact.

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– We employ several dozen alumni of the University of Economics in Katowice. They have always been valued by Polish and foreign managers for their knowledge, command of languages and predispositions to work in an international environment. While forming such a strategic structure as the European Centre of the company, we came to a conclusion that we must put particular emphasis on cooperation with talents associated with this University in fact – says Michał Kościanek, a director of the TMF Group’s European Centre.

A good example is the career of Beata Tomaszewska, a graduate of the University of Economics in Katowice. She started work at the TMF Group as a junior specialist in December 2000. She was one of the first four staff members of the TMF in Katowice. She used to work in the HR and Payroll Department, as well as in the Accounting and Tax Department. Later, she became a director of the latter. The TMF Group offers a very wide range of possibilities as regards international development, which constitutes a distinguishing mark thereof in all 80 countries where the company is present. After over two years of managing the Accounting and Tax Department, Beata made a decision to move to the Internal Finance Department, and to develop her international career in the company’s structures. At present, she is a financial controller in the territory of countries of East and Central Europe as well as Nordic Countries.

– We are glad that our alumni fulfil the highest standards and expectations of such employers as the TMF Group. We put special emphasis on internationalization and practical dimension of education at each and every level of studies, also post-graduate ones, for instance: by engaging foreign lecturers, practitioners and other specialists from the broadly taken economic environment in the process of teaching. Language competences are of importance as well. Our students acquire them during their studies, especially within programmes conducted in English, as for example the following field: International Business or the majors Quantitative Asset and Risk Management or Finance and Accounting for International Business. This, as you can see, yields interest and makes it considerably easier for our graduates to move on the international, competitive labour market – says Professor Sławomir Smyczek, a Vice-Rector for Education and Internationalization of the University of Economics in Katowice. 

The Polish branch of the TMF Group with offices in Warsaw and Katowice – where the TMF Group’s European Centre is opened now – has almost 500 employees at present and is one of the biggest branches of the TMF Group in the region of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Despite the fact that due to its international nature and tasks the TMF Group’s European Centre is organizationally separate from the Polish branch of the company with offices in Warsaw and Katowice, the investment in the capital city of Upper Silesia was not accidental. Apart from the large base with excellently prepared candidates, as managers of the company claim Katowice is well prepared for absorbing and constantly supporting new investors. The cooperation with the leading higher education school of economics in the region is one of the instances thereof.

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– It is extremely significant to us that companies which create attractive, well-paid jobs in Katowice also enter into direct cooperation with local higher education schools, in this case with the University of Economics. The highly developed degree of this cooperation is consistent with the noticeable global trends. Such a partnership may take various forms and will always be a new opportunity for students and graduates as well as for scientific staff to get acquainted with the international business environment. I have no doubts that the cooperation between the TMF Group and the University of Economics will take place efficiently and bring benefits both for the company and for the University – says Marcin Krupa, a Mayor Katowice.

As opposed to the shared service centres, employees of the TMF Group’s European Centre will not render services inside the organization, and will be responsible and liable directly for consulting services provided to customers of the company in the areas of HR and Payroll, Taxes and Accounting, as well as Company Secretarial Services. This refers to brands recognized all over the world. More than 60% of companies from the list of Fortune Global 500 and FTSE 100, as well as nearly a half of 300 biggest in the world private equity companies benefit from services of the TMF Group. Staff members of the Centre will work for clients from England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Island, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and even those having their registered offices on the Channel Islands (Guernsey i Jersey).

More information about the TMF Group: www.tmf-group.com/pl-pl/about-us