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University Day celebrating 85th anniversary of UE Katowice [event coverage]

On January 11, 2022, the entire academic community of UE Katowice celebrated the University Day. In keeping with tradition, during the ceremony diplomas were awarded to doctors and habilitated doctors, honorary professors and distinguished alumni. The 85th anniversary celebration was honored by a performance of the Alma Mater Choir, a multimedia exhibition and a short film entitled "Power of Unity".

The celebration began with a traditional "Gaudeamus Igitur" performed by the Choir of the University of Economics in Katowice and the national anthem. Then the Rector, Prof. Celina M. Olszak officially welcomed all the guests gathered in the Dr Józef Lisek Hall and delivered a speech. 

"We are celebrating the Anniversary under the slogan "Power of Unity", which emphasizes that our strength comes from teamwork, dialogue, experience, skills of each of us and social responsibility. [...]

For the coming years, I wish our Alma Mater and all of us, to never forget what is most important in our endeavors. I hope that the University will stay true to its principles in future pursuits, while keeping in mind the most important value - people. I wish you all further success and growth, which we are sure achieve thanks to the "Power of Unity"". - said the Rector.

The event was attended by, among others, representatives of the clergy and religious communities, diplomatic corps, government administration and local authorities, rectors of other universities, representatives of the academic community, as well as central and regional local authorities, members of the University Council, representatives of business and business environment institutions, and headmasters of secondary schools closely cooperating with the University.

We were also glad to welcome honorary professors, promoted doctors and habilitated doctors with their families, as well as the University's alumni. Students of the University of Economics of the Third Age and the Children's Economic University also participated in the celebration.

Award of doctoral and habilitation diplomas

An important part of the University Day was the award of doctoral and habilitation diplomas. This part was conducted by the Vice-Rector for Science and Academic Staff Development, Prof. Maciej Nowak. Habilitation diplomas were handed out first, followed by doctoral diplomas.

At the end of this part, thanks on behalf of doctors and habilitated doctors were extended by Rafał Żelazny, Ph.D.



Conferment of the honorary professor titlea

The University Day was also an opportunity to confer the title of Honorary Professor of the University of Economics in Katowice. Under the Senate's resolutions the title was awarded to: 

  • Prof. Józef Biolik, Ph.D.
  • Prof. Krystyna Jędralska, Ph.D.
  • Prof. Milos Kral, Ph.D.
  • Prof. Tadeusz Sporek, Ph.D.
  • Prof. Krystyna Śliwińska, Ph.D.
  • Prof. Ewa Zeman-Miszewska, Ph.D. 

Awarding statuettes to winners of the first edition of the Outstanding Alumni Competition

The next stage of the ceremony was the awarding of statuettes to the winners of the first edition of the Outstanding Alumni of the University of Economics in Katowice Competition. This section of the event was hosted by the Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation with External Environment, Prof. Robert Wolny, Ph.D.

The winners of the first edition of the Competition were: 

  • in the “profession” category - Ryszard Wojtkowski – Founder and Managing Director, CEO, Resource Partners;
  • in the “social” category - Aleksandra Gajewska – Director of Rozrywka Theatre in Chorzów;
  • in the “science” category Prof. Jerzy Rokita, Ph.D. – Rector of the University of Economics in Katowice between 1982-1990;
  • in the “rising star” category - Katarzyna Emin – Community Assistant - Graduate and Family Housing, Graduate Assistant - Center for European Studies, Event Chair - Polish Student Association, Mayor at Maguire Village and Member of Mayors’ Council, University of Florida; 

The statuettes were awarded by the Rector, assisted by the President of the Alumni Association "Collegium" Piotr Trząski

Multimedia exhibition and "Power of Unity" film Multimedia exhibition and "Power of Unity" film

During the University Day, guests had the opportunity to watch a multimedia exhibition and a film, prepared for the occasion of the University’s 85th anniversary.

The multimedia exhibition presents photos of students, employees, graduates and doctoral students of the University in University’s colors. The film complements the photo session and the exhibition prepared especially for the Anniversary.

See the video material

See the multimedia exhibition

See the multimedia exhibition The celebration ended with a cake and refreshments served in front of the Assembly Hall.

In the evening, on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the University, the Grand Gala of the University of Economics in Katowice was held.

We invite you to see the photo gallery from the event: