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Tuition discounts

Tuition fees at postgraduate studies apply to payments made in two instalments. To those paying the tuition fee as a whole, a discount of 100zł applies.

Moreover, a candidate to postgraduate studies may apply for a discount on the tuition fee by submitting the application together with the documents confirming the right to the discount, specified in the table hereinbelow:

Amount of discount*

Person entitled to 

Documents certifying the status of a person entitled to a discount/co-financing

30% discount

University** employee

Employment certificate

20% discount

Family member of the University** employee in accordance with the following rules:

relatives within the second degree lineal consanguinity and secondary relatives within the first degree lineal consanguinity

Copy of the abridged marriage or birth certificate, and if there are no such documents – a statement of the University** employee

20% discount

Student of the second or third degree studies or Doctoral School of the University** 

Certificate from the dean's office confirming the status of a student

20% discount

Graduate of the University** who graduated from the first, second, third degree or postgraduate studies

Copy of the diploma of graduation, certifcate of graduation or certifacte of completion the postgraduate studies

20% discount

Employee posted by a company or institution with which the University** has signed agreement / cooperation agreement

Letter posting the employee

10% discount 

Graduate of the University** who has completed coruse or training

Copy of the certificate of completion of course or training

* The discount may be granted only under one title indicated by the candidate.
** "University" refers to the University of Economics in Katowice


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