Enhancing the quality of university's infrastructure is one of our priorities. There are 184 didactic rooms, including modern multimedia classrooms and computer labs at our campus. The biggest of the four auditoriums: MAIOR Auditorium (Aula MAIOR) can seat 400 people. Our sport facilities include an indoor swimming pool and 2 gyms. The buildings at the campus are adjusted to the needs of disabled students and staff.

Have an inside look at our campus. Try the virtual tour of our University!


A navigation bar is to the right of the page. When you click a number, the panorama will change together with your location at the campus.

The first tour contains all panoramas of the Centre for Modern Information Technology building.

When you choose the panorama number, the second tour will take you to the following locations:

  • 1 and 2 – building A
  • 3 – communication passage between buildings A and B
  • 4 – assembly hall B
  • 5 – swimming pool in building C
  • 6 – sports hall in building C