Scientific papers with a positive review sent as part of the Conference will be published under four possible options (the form of publication depends on the scientific level and research area of the submitted paper):

  • in the scientific journal Journal of Economics and Management, publications in English, (20  points);
  • in the monograph issued by the University of Economics in Katowice "Sustainable development in the context of socio-economic changes", publications in Polish (20 points), the volume of the publication should be of 20,000-25,000 characters and prepared according to the instructions of  Wydawnictwo UE Katowice;  
  • in the scientific journal Catallaxy, publications in Polish or in English, (5 points)  and reprint (with the first edition marked in the journal) in the monograph of the Institute for Economic Research (20 points);
    in the journal Econometrics Ekonometria. Advances in Applied Data Analysis, publications in Polish or in English, (20 points). Papers need to be submitted via the electronic collection and review system for scientific papers SENIR.    

Additionally, we offer you the opportunity to publish articles in a special issue of the Sustainability (70 pkt.) entitled „ICT Adoption for Sustainability”. All information regarding deadlines, payments and editorial guidelines can be found here.


The finished text (except Econometrics Ekonometria. Advances in Applied Data Analysis oraz ICT Adoption for Sustainability) should be sent by e-mail to: