Educational track: E-economy

Knowledge gained

The main aim of this track is to educate managers and knowledge workers able to implement and use IT in modern economy, and in different types of organizations. The graduate of the track is not an information technology specialist, but a sophisticated economist, who knows how to use different IT solutions to solve macro- and microeconomic problems. Choosing this track, students gain interdisciplinary knowledge on modern economy, management, marketing, economic and social communication, as well as IT tools and technologies. This knowledge encompasses mainly such topics, as:

  • Internet applications in modern economy,
  • Electronic commerce,
  • Internet advertising, and creating brand image,
  • IT support of business processes,
  • IT support of public administration,
  • IT support of health services,
  • Audit and controlling using computer software.


On academic courses students gain many practical skills. They learn how to use diverse IT systems and technologies. Many courses are taught in cooperation with companies, and public administration offices – workshops, working visits, projects. In particular, the students gain the following skills:

  • Applications of modern IT technologies, e.g. e-commerce, e-marketing, e-logistics, e-administration, e-health,
  • Operating own business both in Poland and abroad using IT support,
  • Managing companies and public administration offices with the aid of IT,
  • Performing and improving business processes using IT solutions,
  • Controlling and auditing in companies and public administration offices using dedicated computer software,
  • Improving the functioning of both individual companies as well as the whole economy using IT technologies.

Whom will you be? 

After graduating this track, students get the chance to become high-class managers, advisors, analysts, and auditors, making good use of digital world. Thanks to the skills gained, they know how to use e-economy tools to create competitive advantage on both domestic, and foreign markets. They are ready to work in manufacturing, commercial, and marketing companies, in PR, financial institutions, administrative offices, and consulting firms. They are also educated enough to run their own business in the Internet.

Why it is worthy of studying? 

The e-economy track conforms to the newest trends, assumptions and development programs of the European Union. The program is compatible with many academic programs on European and world universities.

The students have possibility to work in small teams in computer labs, equipped with specialized software. The track offers broad opportunities of personal development.