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University activities

For several years, numerous activities have been undertaken at our University to adapt it to the needs of people with disabilities and to equalize their educational opportunities.

These activities include, among many others:

•   regulatory changes,
•   financial support (dedicated scholarships),
•   assistance of the Rector's Representative for Accessibility and Disability in solving individual problems,
•   purchase of specialized equipment and software to facilitate education for people with various health conditions,
•   removal of architectural barriers,
•   participation in conferences, workshops and courses on topics that address the problems and issues of people with disabilities.

Adaptation of buildings to the needs of people with disabilities

The matter of adapting our university buildings to the needs of people with disabilities is not yet fully resolved. Some of the buildings are already properly adjusted, others only partially, while still others are completely inaccessible to people with mobility impairments. The best adapted building is building A located at ul. Bogucicka 3. Despite some imperfections, it is fully accessible to people with mobility impairments.

Results of the work done so far include such features as:

•    automatically opening front doors,
•    modernized elevator,
•    adaptation of toilets to suit the needs of people with disabilities.

However, work is still underway to facilitate accessibility and adapt the remaining buildings of our University to better support students with disabilities.


How can we help you?

In justified cases, and based on the type of disability, you may apply for: 

• changing the form of exams and credits to one adapted to your capabilities,
• changing the course participation conditions,
• services of a sign language interpreter and a personal assistant for people with disabilities,
• making teaching materials available in a form adapted to your needs and abilities, such as enlarged print or print in Braille,
• other facilities, allowing you to attend our University under the same conditions as other students. For more details, see the tab Students

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