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Tasks of the Deputy Bursar:

  • developing drafts of the University's material and financial plans;
  • drawing up revisions to material and financial plans;
  • verifying the compliance of economic and financial operations with the material and financial plan in such a manner as to avoid any breach of public finance discipline;
  • updating and verifying the documentation of accounting rules (methods of valuation of assets and liabilities, method of keeping account books - university chart of accounts, adopted rules of event classification, list of account books, description of data processing system, description of data protection system and data collections);
  • supervision over the proper organization of accounting, in accordance with the provisions of the Accounting Act and documentation of accounting principles;
  • supervision over the correct flow of financial and accounting documents;
  • supervision over the compliance of the implementation of material and financial plans with the accounting records;
  • supervision over the correct preparation of cost calculations and price list drafts, determining  receivables in the amount not lower than that resulting from correct calculations;
  • supervision over proper storage of account books in accordance with applicable statutory rules and supervision over ensuring protection of data contained in account books kept with the use of a computer system;
  • supervising recovery, complying with the rules on recovery, preventing non-recovery or recovery of an amount lower than that resulting from the correct calculation, preventing prescription of the amount receivable or write-off contrary to the rules of redemption.
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