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The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the implementation of all the tasks specified for the supervised units and services, as well as other, additionally entrusted, related to the function performed and the substitution, including:

  1. managing and administering the properties of the University, in particular:
    1. ensuring proper economic and financial management of real estate through:
      • conducting matters related to the provision of facilities, premises, land and other areas by the University,
      • rationalization of utilities consumption,
    2. ensuring safety of use and proper exploitation of real estate through:
      • handling matters related to the supply of utilities and disposal of waste (electricity, water, sewage, gas, heat),
      • day-to-day administration of real estate,
      • organization and supervision over the functioning of parking lots,
      • conducting matters related to the insurance of the University's assets,
  2. supervising the maintenance of order and cleanliness of the University facilities through:
    • creating conditions as defined by the law for the protection of university property and the security of premises,
    • maintaining the required sanitary condition and ensuring the functioning of the cleaning and protection services,
  3. supervision over proper management of office equipment, furniture and teaching equipment, excluding scientific and research equipment, computer and multimedia equipment,
  4. supervision over the material and warehouse management and proper security of the central warehouse, organization of activities aimed at ensuring rational management of movable assets and economical management of materials,
  5. supervision over keeping records of assets not owned by other organizational units,
  6. supervision over the proper management of the assets of the University,
  7. organization and supervision of the storage, maintenance and provision of ceremonial uniforms,
  8. preparing the University for operating in special conditions (e.g. winter conditions, etc.),
  9. ensuring the functioning of the University on public holidays (with regard to: facility protection, cleanliness and tidiness),
  10. supervision of proper transport management,
  11. planning public procurement in the subordinate structures and fields of activity,
  12. developing drafts of material and financial plans and budgets of subordinate organizational units, taking into account own assessment and needs submitted by organizational units,
  13. requesting renovations, repairs and maintenance, including buildings, structures and other fixed assets of the University, within the limits of the financial resources allocated,
  14. developing draft resolutions, orders, instructions and regulations resulting from the scope of activities.
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