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Why UE Katowice?

The university is one of the oldest in Upper Silesia and is among the five state economic universities in the country, making it the largest university in the region. It provides education to nearly 8,000 students in the fields of social and economic sciences. Our institution is committed to conducting scientific research responsibly and professionally, while also training highly qualified professionals in the fields of economics, management, finance, logistics, administration, and information and communication technology.

As an academic community, we identify with the rapidly developing region and environment offering lifelong learning opportunities and supporting entrepreneurship, business, and the public sector. 

Our Doctoral School educates economists, managers, entrepreneurs, and analysts. Our alumni, who are the pride and joy of our University, hold highly qualified management positions and are capable of meeting the ever-changing challenges of the economy. The professional success of our alumni is the best representation of our University, which motivates us to constantly strive for excellence.

Advantages of the Doctoral School

The aim of the Doctoral School at the University of Economics in Katowice is to provide doctoral education in two scientific disciplines: economics and finance, and management and quality studies. The education culminates in the submission of a doctoral thesis, which allows for the award of a doctoral degree in social sciences in the chosen discipline. The university supports doctoral students in developing and pursuing their scientific interests by providing up-to-date knowledge in the chosen discipline and preparing them for conducting scientific research.

The university organizes numerous science popularization events, such as Rector's lectures, seminars, or training courses, which complement the chosen educational path.

Doctoral students receive a scholarship and can apply for research grants, as well as participate in the international exchange program: Erasmus +.

Acquiring a doctoral degree is undoubtedly an asset in an increasingly competitive job market.

Education at the Doctoral School

The training program at our Doctoral School lasts four years and comprises of eight semesters. The courses are conducted in-person at our University campus, which is equipped with modern libraries, multimedia rooms, a swimming pool, gym, recreational areas, parking lots, and Wi-Fi access. The training is offered through two programs in Polish and two in English.

Our University organizes a wide range of scientific initiatives, courses, and workshops, as well as professional training courses that can complement the education at our Doctoral School perfectly. Experts from all over the world are invited to give Rector's lectures and are eager to share their knowledge and experience with our students.

Doctoral students at our School can also participate in the international Erasmus + program by studying at partner universities in the European Union, countries of the European Economic Area, and EU candidate countries, based on individual arrangements with the International Relations Office.

Discover the academic opportunities offered by the Doctoral School at the University of Economics in Katowice and shape your career with us!

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