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Ph.D. in Management

As part of implementing the Internationalization Policy of the Doctoral School at the University of Economics in Katowice and fulfilling the strategic goal of internationalization, our Doctoral School conducts a PhD program in Management in English. Being a doctoral student staying in Poland, our students can further develop their skills and gain expert knowledge at our University working under the guidance of a team of scholars with professional experience.

The program curriculum includes courses relevant to the scientific discipline, such as: 

  • Advanced Management
  • Advances in Contemporary Management
  • Research in Organizational Relations
  • Business Environment and Strategy

Included are also courses that will support the preparation and defense of the doctoral dissertation, such as:

  • Qualitative Methods
  • Academic Writing and Reading

Language of instruction: English  

Advantages of the program

The University of Economics in Katowice provides specialized technical facilities that will enable doctoral students to expand their knowledge in their chosen field and conduct scientific research.

During the doctoral seminar, students will be steadily prepared to defend their doctoral dissertations and obtain a doctoral degree in Management under the guidance of experienced scholars involved in international research.

In addition, doctoral students are given the opportunity to choose certain courses and influence their educational path as part of the process of their academic training.

Study program

Our program has been prepared in such a way as to ensure that our doctoral students acquire the necessary knowledge and competencies related to conducting scientific research and preparing their doctoral dissertations.

Additionally, the study curriculum incorporates a number of components broadening the scope of the material taught in classrooms, including courses, workshops, national and international programs, and much more.


Courses at our University are taught by a team of scientists who carry out specialized research on a national and international scale. They are a group of respected practitioners in business, economy and management. During the teaching activities, they will share their knowledge and inspire students to constantly expand their knowledge and broaden their experience of scientific and research work

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Do you have a question about the application process? Ask our specialist from the Admissions Office:

Anna Maniura

Bogucicka 5
Building: CNTI; room. 2/17
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