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Foreign trips

Since 1st September 2016 International Mobility is in charge of all University foreign trips service.

The candidate applying for acceptance of business trip should fill in proper application form for foreign trip, which needs to be submitted together with attachments in International Mobility at least 14 days before the first organizational activity connected with the trip, e.g. the date of paying registration fee, buying airline ticket, taking the currency from the bank, etc.

Attachments to application form can be :

  • Invitation from foreign university, an offer, a conference program, short description of realized research or additional letters from organizers etc.
  • In case of conference abroad employee should provide letter of paper’s acceptance. In case of the lack of acceptance in time of submission of application the employee is obliged to deliver it immediately after obtaining it at the latest in time of settlement the foreign trip.
  • Information concerning the price of registration fee and what it includes. Moreover if the registration fee transfer has to be paid by International Mobility employees, necessary for them are information about the registration fee: terms and conditions, name, address and SWIFT code of the bank, account number IBAN and name and address of institution which the account belongs to.
  • Selected airline connection in case of travel by plane.
  • Confirmation of hotel reservation with the cost of accommodation and other costs included in price of  accommodation if it refers to.

Complete documentation concerning particular foreign trip is remitted to the Vice-Rector for Education and Internationalization. After approving application it is implemented as follows (purchase of airline tickets, preparation of prepayment from bank in zloty or currency, transfer registration fee, etc)

After return from foreign trip the employee is obliged to settle the trip within 14 working days from the date of return. It is necessary to report to International Mobility, fill in the settlement form, and add invoices for costs of the trip (except for staying allowance and lump sums), tickets and boarding passes (in case of travelling by plane). 

Foreign trips are implemented at University based on Polish Regulation Of The Minister Of Labour And Social Policy Of  29 January 2013 on receivables for employee in state or local government unit of budget sector connected with business trip.

Didactic trips and training trips within ERASMUS + Programme are implemented according to proper trip procedures

Important notice!

With reference to completing public procurement on University service in area of reservation, selling, and delivery of airline tickets  for employees, students and Ph.D students of University of Economics in Katowice and people who are non-employees we kindly inform, that on basis on concluded contract service in above area for University will provide company:

UpHOTEL Sp. z o.o

Ul. Solna 4

58-500 Jelenia Góra

Office is opened from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 21.00 tel: 75 644 68 35, 75 717 58 42, e-mail: 

Please be informed that there are 4 possibilities of airline tickets purchase (below is described the way of proceeding ). 


1. Employee who is planning foreign trip makes a ticket reservation on his/her own in Uphotel, method of payment: invoice paid by transfer by University.

  • employee should as follows

- set the airline connection with the company Uphotel, which he/she wants to buy

- make a pre-reservation

- send a reservation to International Mobility employee, who serves the foreign trip.

  • employee of International Mobility sends the reservation, asking the company Uphotel for purchase selected connection.
  • Uphotel sets the ticket and the invoice to University
  • Uphotel sends the ticket to employee planning foreign trip

2. Employee planning foreign trip makes the reservation on his own in 
Uphotel and on his/her own pays an invoice planning settlement of foreign trip at University

(situation takes place when the employee does not have an approvement of Vice-Rector at the moment of buying ticket and wants to buy it at favorable price of airline connections or when the trip is partly financed by University e.g. partly financed cost from private means, inter alia foreign trips from Erasmus +  Programme)

  • employee should as follows:

- set connection with Uphotel which he/she wants to buy

- buy the ticket (warning: before direct purchase of airline ticket  it is needed to contact with the employee of International Mobility who confirms in Uphotel that the ticket can be bought).

- pay for the ticket from private means (transfer, credit card – according to the rules valid in Uphotel in this particular case.

- obtain ticket and invoice  issued to University by Uphotel

- remit the ticket and the invoice to International Mobility at the moment of settlement.

3. Employees of International Mobility make airline reservation by standard airlines for employee planning foreign trip.

  • International Mobility employee as follows

- is looking for airline connection

- makes a reservation of ticket

- after confirmation compatibility of connection (approving connection by employee going on a trip) sends request for buying the ticket  to company Uphotel.

  • Uphotel issues the ticket and  invoice to University
  • Airline ticket is sent to employee who plans foreign trip by the employee of International Mobility

4. Employees of International Mobility buy ticket of low cost airlines, method of payment - invoice paid by transfer by University.

There are two possible options:

possibility 1

  • Employee planning business trip, who wants to travel by low cost airlines, asks Uphotel  for connection which he/she wants to buy
  • Remit it to International Mobility, it means: airlines, connection, hours of flying, kind and weight of luggage.
  • The International Mobility employee remits details with request for buying airline ticket to Uphotel
  • Uphotel issues the ticket and the invoice to University
  • Airline ticket is sent to employee who plans foreign trip by International Mobility employee.

possibility 2

  • International Mobility employee finds airline connection which he plans to buy for employee planning the foreign trip in Uphotel
  • Set details of reservation with the employee planning foreign trip, it means airlines, connection, hours of flying, kind and weight of luggage.
  • Remit details  with request for buying airline ticket to Uphotel 
  • Uphotel issues the ticket and the invoice to University
  • The airline ticket is sent to employee planning foreign trip by International Mobility employee.
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