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Fee for participation in a conference/an international event

A person applying for a foreign trip, in which it is necessary to pay a participation fee (e.g. fees for: publication, participation in a conference/an international event, etc.) should fill in an application for a foreign trip. The application together with required attachments should be submitted to the International Relations Office at least 14 working days before the deadline for payment of the fee (details of the procedure are described in the section Obtaining consent to a trip). 

The condition for payment of the conference fee by the University is indication of the item Transfer of the conference fee in the application for a foreign trip in the section “Please arrange the following issues” by the applicant. 

In case of group fees for students or doctoral students, it is possible to submit a group application by the group's substantive supervisor. In this matter: 

  1. in the application the group's substantive supervisor performs as the applicant and provides his/her data and the number of persons for whom the fee is to be paid 
  2. a detailed list of persons for whom the payment is to be made, together with a specification of cost per person have to be attached to the application. Each person indicated on the list completes a declaration constituting Annex No. 1 to the Instruction on foreign trips of persons who are not employees of the University and employees of the University carrying out tasks related to the University's activities (in accordance with Order No. 159/19). 

The group's substantive supervisor is responsible for correct settlement of the cost. 

When concluding a transaction with a foreign contractor, every care should be taken to ensure that the issued invoice includes correct University data: 
Full name: 



UL. 1 MAJA 50

Tax Identification Number in European format: PL 6340008825

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