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General Information

Within the bilateral agreements a student of UE Katowice can spend a semester or a full year of studies at one of our university’s partner institutions outside the European Union. The stay at the partner university will be without a tuition fee but the student will have to cover all expenses of his/her stay abroad. 

Main advantages of the mobility: Main advantages of the mobility:  

  • opportunity to study in a country outside the European Union, such as South Korea, Chile, Taiwan, Japan, the USA, Columbia, Russian Federation, and others; 
  • realizing a part of studies in an educational system different from Polish or European one;
  • possibility to explore a different culture and language possibility;
  • gaining useful experience of living in a different environment and observation of a different labour market;
  • widening the horizons and perspectives;

Students interested in a stay abroad within the bilateral agreement are asked to get detailed information about the academic offer and study conditions at the partner university as well as the travel and living costs of the country they want to stay in. 

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