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General Information

CEEPUS is the Central European Exchange Program for University Studies, whose current members are: Poland, Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.

The main advantages of participating in the CEEPUS program:

  • opportunity to travel to EU and non-EU countries;
  • possibility of discovering a different, sometimes completely new culture and language;
  • financial support for the duration of the stay and reimbursement of travel costs (in accordance with the rules of the program);
  • getting to know a different education system;
  • gaining experience in a different environment and observing a foreign labour market;
  • broadening horizons and perspectives.

CEEPUS participants must have the citizenship of one of the countries participating in the program. Scholarships are given to a student  by the host university.

A qualified student must provide International Relations with a correctly completed CEEPUS Beneficiary Account Details form and a properly prepared and signed Learning Agreement document.

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