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Financial Support

Students applying for the Erasmus+ scholarship may stay abroad for winter or summer semester of the next academic year. They receive a scholarship for the entire period of stay confirmed by the host university in an official document and according to the rates applicable in the given country.

Students may extend their stay at the partner university by another semester within one academic year, i.e. from winter semester only to the full academic year, but with no guarantee of receiving an Erasmus+ scholarship for the summer semester.


Monthly Erasmus+ scholarship rates (for projects accepted in 2023):         


Amounts in Euro/month

Group 1 – Denmark*, Finland, Ireland*, Iceland, Lichtenstein*, Luxembourg*, Norway, Sweden*



Group 2 – Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Norway, the Netherlands, Malta*, Germany, Portugal, Italy

Group 3 – Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, North Macedonia, Lithuania, Latvia*, Romania, Serbia*, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey*, Hungary*


*countries where mobilities for studies are not currently realized by the UE Katowice 


Students "with fewer opportunities"

Students who are entitled to receive a social scholarship in UEKat at the time of submitting the application for mobility, will be entitled to obtain an Erasmus + scholarship in an increased amount (i.e. an additional EUR 250 / month).

Students with disabilities will be entitled to obtain an Erasmus + scholarship in an increased amount (i.e. additional EUR 250 / month) and the possibility of settling additional costs related to the certificate of the degree of disability (based on an additional application to the National Agency).


Additional co-financing due to „green travel”

Students can apply for additional co-financing (50 EUR) for travel costs resulting from using low-emissions means of transportation (so-called “green travel”) if the main part of their travel (51% of the round-trip route) is made with such means. Buses, train, bicycle, and carpooling (a shared travel by car, belonging to one of the passengers, on the same route and with the same goal) are considered by the Erasmus+ programme to be ecological means transportation. Travel by any other means of transportation does not meet those criteria. Students shall submit to the International Relations Office a declaration of the planned itinerary indicating the means of transportation (the sample of the declaration is in the section “Documents to Download”).

Mobility Capital:

  • Within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme students may realize their mobilities several times, for a total of 12 months at each level of study.
  • Mobilities for studies and traineeship add up, e.g. a student previously completed a 5-month stay for studies or traineeship during the bachelor degree studies, he/she can still stay abroad for a maximum of 7 months within the same cycle of studies. During the master degree  studies he/she can stay abroad again for  maximum of 12 months.
  • Mobilities realized earlier within the Erasmus+ or Erasmus Mundus program are included in the "mobility capital".
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