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Application Process

The application for traineeships within the Erasmus+ program is a continuous process. Scholarships will be awarded until funds are finished.

Before starting the application process, the student is obliged to settle previous mobilities realized within other international programs coordinated by the International Relations.

Traineeship within the Erasmus+ program can be realized by:

  • students of the 2nd or 3rd year of the bachelor degree studies
  • students of the 1st or 2nd year of the master degree studies
  • doctoral students

Provided that the mobility for traineeship does not postpone the date of defending the diploma thesis or the date of completing the studies.

  • recent graduates provided that they qualify for the mobility during the last year of their studies (bachelor or master degree studies or doctoral school)

Deadlines for submission of application documents:

  • for student traineeships: at least one month before the planned date of the traineeship commencement
  • for graduate traineeships: at least one month before the submission of the degree thesis.

In the case of graduate traineeships, students are required to provide the  International Relations with a certificate from the Dean's Office confirming the fact of defense of the thesis.

Each host institution proposed by the student/graduate and the traineeship program will be subject to verification by the International Relations. The condition for realizing the mobility is obtaining a positive recommendation from the Dean and the International Relations office.

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