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General Information

The Erasmus+ with Programme Countries offers full-time and part-time students and recent graduates of the University of Economics in Katowice a possibility to realize a traineeship in one of the European Union country with the financial support from the program.

  • Length of the traineeship:  2-12 months, the Erasmus+ scholarship is awarded for the entire period of the traineeship.
  • Amount of hours: minimum 30 hours of work per week.
  • The traineeship program and the company profile:  shall be related to the study course.

Students realizing the traineeship during the course of studies are obliged to maintain the status of the student for its entire duration. The traineeship must end before the date of the degree final exam (thesis defence).

Students realizing the traineeship as a recent graduate are obliged to maintain the status of the graduate for the entire duration of the traineeship. The graduate traineeship must be completed (start and end) within a maximum of 12 months after  the date of the final degree exam (thesis defence).

Traineeships within the Erasmus+ program are realized in the framework of  mobility capital. At each of the three cycles of study, within the Erasmus+ program students can benefit from mobilities lasting 12 months in total. The mobility of the graduate is assigned to the cycle of study during which they were qualified for the Erasmus+ scholarship.

The traineeship cannot be realized in the institutions of the European Union ( or in the institutions managing the European Union programs.


Students interested in realizing the traineeship within the Erasmus+ programme are encouraged to visit the European platform with the traineeships offers:

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