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About the project

"ECOnomics4Climate" is a cluster project involving a series of scientific and educational activities as part of promoting a new discipline – Economics of Climate Change. The project is consistent with the specific goals of the "Metropolitan Fund for Support of Science" regarding innovative talent development activities – stimulating the creativity of students and staff, with the aim of using their potential to prepare our University for future development trends.

The project involves prominent international scientists who shall prepare lectures and provide mentoring support to young scientists. The project includes students, doctoral students, and scientific and research staff of the University of Economics in Katowice, as well as young people from high schools located in the Silesian voivodeship. 

The "ECOnomics4Climate" project includes the following initiatives:

All activities planned in the project shall be implemented in 2023, and its total value is PLN 421,139.00.

The project has been co-financed by the Metropolis GZM within the framework of the "Metropolitan Science and Education Support Fund" program for the years 2022-2024.

The project was prepared by the team involved in the creation of our University's "Center for Economics of Climate Change" ( dr hab. Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala, prof. UE, dr Anna Losa-Jonczyk, dr Anna Urbanek, and dr Marcin Baron, with the support of the Finance and Accounting Program Director, prof. UE dr hab. Joanna Błach, and Ms. Magdalena Skowron from Internationalization.

The project is implemented by the project team including:

  • dr hab. Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala, prof. UE. - project manager

  • dr hab. Joanna Błach, prof. UE;

  • dr hab. Tomasz Ingram, prof. UE   

  • dr Łukasz Korach;

  • dr Anna Losa-Jonczyk;

  • dr Anna Urbanek;

  • mgr Magdalena Skowron;

with the support of Internationalization.

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Accreditations and partners

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