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About the project

The aim of the "Greening Ideas - a climate campaign" project is to promote our University and further develop high school students' teamwork skills, enhance their knowledge of artificial intelligence and how to find reliable sources of information. The project is based on a series of expert workshops in which students will independently prepare a social media information and promotion campaign (working in teams, under the guidance of renowned experts). Climate change issues shall be at the heart of the social media campaign prepared by the students.


Workshops implemented as part of the project

The project "Greening Ideas - a climate campaign" has been co-financed by the Metropolis GZM within the framework of the "Metropolitan Science and Education Support Fund"program for the years 2022-2024 in the amount of PLN 13,063.00.

Project implementation period: February – November 2023.

The project is coordinated by drAnna Losa-Jonczyk. 

The project is part of the "ECOnomics4Climate" cluster, which is being implemented by dr hab. Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala, prof. UE., with support from Internationalization.

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Accreditations and partners

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