Tasks of the Inventory Control

  • drawing up continuous inventory plans
  • training and instruction of employees in matters related to keeping records of assets and material liability
  • enforcing agreements on material liability of employees entrusted with property with the obligation to return or settle the property
  • taking action to ensure that census fields are properly prepared for inventory count
  • participating in census teams implementing the continuous, delivery and acceptance and ad hoc inventory count 
  • settlement of inventories
  • conducting an investigation in the event of inventory differences being identified and submitting documentation to the legal counsel concerning claims for compensation for damage caused to the University's property
  • submitting analyses and motions concerning the management of assets in organizational units, resulting from the unit's activity, the Inventory Committee and the Write-off Committee, and in particular the use, storage, recording and respect for property, keeping records of settlements of physical inventories
  • organizational and technical support for the activities of the University Inventory Committee and the University Write-off Committee