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The tasks of the Center are as follows:

  1. Supporting the teaching process, in particular:
    • technical support for the correct operation of the university management system,
    • ensuring proper operation of workstations in computer laboratories entrusted to the Center;
    • assistance in conducting examination sessions and tests on the basis of dedicated specialized hardware and software;
    • cooperation with other units to ensure proper operation of IT equipment in lecture and training rooms.
  2. Managing the University’s computer network servers entrusted to the Center.
  3. Managing and handling the teleconference system.
  4. Managing the content management system.
  5. Providing employees and students with access to electronic mail, taking the financial, technical and organizational capabilities of the University into account.
  6. Providing continuity of access to other basic Internet services, taking the financial, technical and organizational capabilities of the University into account.
  7. Implementing and maintaining the University’s computer networks.
  8. Maintaining and servicing IT equipment.
  9. Running a Specialist Warehouse, specifically, in order to provide necessary materials, accessories and spare parts required for service and network maintenance works.
  10. Keeping university and faculty records.
  11. Handling university and faculty licenses.
  12. Installing and updating system and application software in teaching laboratories (excluding specialized department laboratories) and on computer equipment entrusted to employees of the University.
  13. Organizing and conducting training sessions in terms of using the application programming.
  14. Organizing and conducting training sessions in terms of operating the university management system.
  15. Comprehensive purchase of IT and programming equipment within the extent specified for the unit carrying out public procurement.
  16. Co-participating in tender procedures relating to IT investments.
  17. Preparing analyzes, plans, applications and reports relating to the computerization of the University.
  18. Implementing new IT techniques and technologies.
  19. Handling the University’s organizational and administrative processes.
  20. Supporting the recruitment process in terms of technical and organizational issues.
  21. Supporting ceremonies and other events organized by the University of Economics in Katowice.
  22. IT support in scientific research conducted by other units.
  23. Providing limited services to external users.
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