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Additional software available as part of the teaching process for staff and students of the University of Economics in Katowice.

If you have problems with the Statistica software, please check if the antivirus software does not add one of the Statistica files to the quarantine. You will find instructions on how to configure F-Secure correctly here.

Procedures for downloading additional software as part of the teaching process – Statistica.

  1. To access the software, you need to use an account in the domain (employees) or (students), log in to the IT services portal and select the appropriate program, confirm that you accept the terms of use of the software, which will automatically generate a message to your e-mail by mail to make it available on google drive.
  2. Please fill in the form directly on the StatSoft website. NOTE: It is necessary to provide the University postal address in the form. After filling in the form, there is a possibility to print the registration card
    NOTE! You should read the license carefully and use the software only for your own personal use for educational purposes in accordance with the curriculum. 
  3. Install the software on the target computer in accordance with the license terms and conditions and using serial numbers received by email. 
  4. When the license expires or you resign from your studies, you should uninstall the software and destroy all copies, media, and also delete e-mail correspondence containing serial numbers, activation keys, links and passwords to installation files.
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