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Tasks of the Logistics

The main tasks of the Logistics include the management of movable assets of the University, provisioning and logistics, including the transport of persons and property.

The tasks of the Office include, in particular:

  1. execution of supplies (orders) for fixed assets, equipment and materials as well as services in accordance with the approved material and financial plan;
  2. drawing up plans of material, technical and investment needs, including protective clothing, workwear and personal protective equipment;
  3. organisation and execution of warehouse management, including:
    • receiving and releasing materials (tools) in accordance with inbound and outbound delivery documents and keeping records of warehouse stocks, determining the amount of warehouse stocks and liquidating incorrect stocks,
    • management of redundant and surplus stocks;
  4. commissioning waste disposal, management of returnable packaging;
  5. drawing up reports on emissions and pollution released into the atmosphere, on the production of waste and on waste management;
  6. conducting technical analyses of the condition of equipment in organisational units, assessing the degree of their use and determining on this basis the needs in terms of equipment in specific groups of resources;
  7. submitting conclusions resulting from analyses, proposals for solutions concerning rationalisation of the use of assets;
  8. providing administrative support for the Committee for Evaluation of Usefulness and Value of Assets;
  9. carrying out passenger and material transport using University’s own fleet;
  10. hire of external means of transport to meet University’s own needs.
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