Tasks of the Main Library

The main tasks include:

Organizing access to digital information sources;

  1. Providing textbooks and specialist literature for students, staff and graduates of the University by collecting, developing and making available collections;
  2. Organizing access to digital information sources;
  3. Providing professional user service in the field of acquiring scientific information and knowledge, making traditional and electronic collections available;
  4. Supporting the education process by preparing the users for efficient and independent search for information, presentation of methods of selection and choosing of relevant scientific materials;
  5. Organizing and conducting informational and advisory activities within the scope of own collections and other libraries in Poland and abroad, with particular emphasis on the scientific-research and didactic needs of the University;
  6. Documenting the scientific achievements of University employees in a computer database and monitoring their publications on quotations;
  7. Indexing the University's scientific achievements in reference databases indicated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education;
  8. Conducting research on librarianship and information technologies;
  9. Managing financial resources allocated for the purchase of books, magazines, databases, programs, etc.,
  10. Promoting the library and the University by creating an image of the library as a modern scientific and cultural space;
  11. Storing, binding and making the collections available;
  12. Organizing and carrying out activities in the field of scientific information;
  13. Providing library training for students, PhD students and University staff;
  14. Conducting research in the scope related to the activities of the library;
  15. E-Library.