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NSZZ Solidarność

Independent Self-Governing Trade Union "Solidarność" is currently the largest workers’ organization in Poland.

Our history began in 1980 when workers began their struggle for a dignified life, for the right to express their views and for freedom. At that time, demanding one's rights meant risking persecution.

Thanks to the courage and the steadfast attitude of thousands of people who were united in „Solidarność”, Poland regained its independence. Today, we can travel in Europe without borders, we can study or work in many European Union countries, we can communicate with the world without any restrictions.

Today, NSZZ "Solidarność" is the largest trade union in our country. We have knowledge and experience that help employees in their relations with the employer. Due to the fact that we are organized on a territorial and industry basis, we are present nationwide. Our territorial structures comprise of institution-level/company organizations, inter-company organizations and regions, while our industry structures comprise of national and regional industry secretariats, as well as national, interregional and regional industry sections.

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