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Tasks of the Personnel Management Office

The tasks of the Personnel Management Office:

  1. designing human resources management strategies and formulating proposals for changes in the conducted human resources policy; ongoing adaptation of adopted regulations to changing legal regulations and decisions taken by the University Management,
  2. monitoring, in terms of the implemented human resources policy, the level of compliance with the requirements in the field of securing staff minima (scientific and didactic) necessary to maintain authorisations to grant academic degrees and to conduct courses in particular fields of study; signalling threats and developing projects for changes in the human resources policy,
  3. ongoing monitoring of: the level of teaching load allocated to individual teachers, the extent to which the current normal working hours are reduced and the flexibility of staff to take up new subjects; drawing up conclusions and possible proposals for changes in the adopted internal solutions,
  4. conducting current analysis of the state and structure of employment broken down by individual organizational units and employee groups; preparing periodic reports in this scope; controlling the employment time management,
  5. developing procedures in the area of human resources policy,
  6. implementation and execution of the process of job description and evaluation,
  7. designing of the internal system for shaping basic remuneration,
  8. improvement of the principles of wage motivation (analysis of the functioning of the adopted bonus, reward and special allowance schemes; developing proposals for changes in this area) and designing of possibilities of non-wage motivation of employees,
  9. planning and supervising the use of financial resources for the improvement of qualifications by employees and related business trips.   

The tasks of the Personnel Professional Development:

  1. providing information on current job offers at the University, including running a section on the UE on Katowice website (informing about competitions for academic teachers and their results),
  2. organization of competitions for the positions of academic staff employed in inter-faculty and university-level units (including the establishment of: required criteria, composition of committees, dates of meetings, and taking minutes of the meetings),
  3. organization of competitions for positions of employees who are not academic teachers and participation in the recruitment process,
  4. conducting matters related to the development of the research staff (including: maintaining a central register of titles and degrees awarded to the University's employees; conducting all matters related to the awarding of doctoral scholarships and accounting for the employees' obligations under the concluded agreements; maintaining a register of awarded scholarships and a register of employees referred for science internships or on a sabbatical leave; keeping records of financial documents and settlements regarding the costs of employees' scientific development),
  5. conducting all matters related to the improvement of qualifications or competences of both academic staff and nonacademic staff (identifying, on the basis of an analysis of employee performance appraisals and reports by direct superiors, the needs for training, further education and improving qualifications of employees and developing plans in this area; drafting agreements specifying the conditions for sending employees to a specific form of qualification improvement and keeping a register of these agreements; organizing internal training courses and workshops for management staff and nonacademic staff; conducting all matters related to employee participation in open training courses),
  6. accepting applications from employees applying, on their own initiative, for referring to or financing the improvement of qualifications in school and out-of-school forms,
  7. keeping records of documents (referrals, agreements) and settlements concerning costs of participation in trainings and courses and other forms of further education of employees,
  8. co-creation of the evaluation system for University employees (academic teachers and non-academic staff); carrying out information activities in this area,
  9. supervising the course of the initiated evaluation processes and appeals against the issued evaluations (developing schedules of conducting periodic evaluations of employees; supervising the timeliness and correctness of their course),  
  10. performing an analysis of completed periodic evaluation forms and drawing conclusions; drawing up a list of employees for whom changes in terms of post, employment status, development or motivation have been identified as necessary,
  11. developing, with the participation of unit managers, career paths for individual employees,
  12. maintaining a list of non-academic staff who are members of the staff reserve (potential candidates for strengthening management staff or taking up independent positions),
  13. organizational/administrative support for committees and teams indicated by the Rector; preparation of necessary documentation,
  14. preparing reports and statements on the current staff management at the University for the University authorities.

The tasks of the Staff Affairs: 

  1. maintaining a collection of personal data of employees employed at the University and of former employees and their family members entitled to social benefits,
  2. conducting all personnel matters related to the entering, course and termination of employment (among others: preparation of employment contracts / appointment letters, clearance slips, written decisions appointing employees to perform the function and dismissing them, preparation of all documents introducing changes in employment conditions and arising as a result of termination of employment contract / appointment letter),
  3. determination of employees' rights to benefits resulting from the employment relationship, including, among other things, the following: traineeship allowance, additional annual remuneration, change of basic salary, amount of functional allowance and jubilee award, severance pay, compensation, equivalents and other benefits resulting from the binding provisions of law,
  4. collecting and storing employee documentation in personal files, and transferring the files to the archives after termination of the employment relationship,
  5. keeping records of persons working in conditions harmful to health and of employees who have been diagnosed with occupational disease or disability,
  6. conducting matters related to the verification of education of foreigners employed at the University (obtaining documents confirming the equivalence of education with the Polish equivalent),
  7. determination of the amount of holiday leave due; supervision over the process of planning holiday leaves and control over the timeliness of their use,
  8. registration of all absences from work; keeping a record of sick leaves,
  9. supervising the recording and settlement of working time of employees who are not academic staff; drafting annual time sheets,
  10. exercising, within the scope of the instructions given, supervision over the employees’ compliance with the established rules of conduct, order and discipline of work,
  11. preparing explanatory proceedings in the event of reporting a breach of order and discipline,
  12. operation of the IT HR system and entering the required HR data into the POL-on system,
  13. maintaining a database of academic teachers representing particular fields of study,
  14. service for the Rector and the Chancellor with respect to personnel matters of their employees and cooperation with the heads of organizational units of the University with respect to personnel matters,
  15. informing employees of their rights and obligations, providing information and advice on employee matters; co-creating the organisational culture of the University,
  16. analysis of offers available on the market of medical services enabling the University Management to select an organizational unit providing preventive health care for employees; referring employees for preliminary, periodic and control medical examinations; conducting substantive control of invoices for performed examinations; keeping records of costs of medical examinations,
  17. performing tasks related to the awarding of state orders and distinctions as well as medals and ministerial distinctions (preparing, with the participation of heads of organizational units, proposals with regard to distinctions or decorations of employees, servicing meetings of the Senate Committee on Prizes and Distinctions, preparing and presenting proposals to the Rector; servicing the ceremony of awarding distinctions,
  18. performing tasks related to the awarding of minister's awards for academic teachers and rector's awards for academic teachers and non-academic staff (servicing meetings of the Senate Committee on Prizes and Distinctions, servicing the award ceremony),
  19. administrative support for evaluation processes - personalisation of evaluation sheets, setting individual deadlines for evaluations,
  20. assisting university employees in compiling pension records and arranging for retirement,
  21. issuing service cards to academic staff; issuing certificates confirming employment at the University; issuing clearance slips and certificates of employment (duplicates, copies of certificates of employment),
  22. authentication/verification of documents relating to staff matters,
  23. cooperation with the Payroll in planning the reserve for the jubilee awards fund and retirement and disability severance pay,
  24. cooperation with the OHS and fire inspector in the field of mandatory training of employees and the occurrence of harmful factors at individual work stations,
  25. organizational/administrative support for committees and teams indicated by the Rector; preparation of necessary documentation,
  26. ensuring ongoing cooperation of the University's authorities with representatives of trade union organizations in the field of staff-related matters,
  27. monitoring of changes in labour law and higher education law,
  28. substantive participation in the development of work regulations; initiating changes and updates of other internal regulations concerning staff-related matters,
  29. performance of other tasks resulting from labour law regulations and social insurance regulations,
  30. preparing reports and analyses of employment situation for the University authorities and other institutions, i.e. the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW), the Central Statistical Office (GUS).

The tasks of the Social Benefits and Affairs: 

  1. developing annual plans to meet the social and living needs of employees of the University and eligible pensioners,
  2. calculating the amount of the social benefits fund for a given calendar year and preparing proposals for its division into individual areas,
  3. cooperation with university trade union organizations in the field of rational use of the social fund; providing administrative services to the Inter-Union Social Committee,
  4. monitoring and substantive control of all expenses from the social fund; maintaining a computer database of all benefits and loans granted from the University Social Benefits Fund (Polish acronym: ZFŚS),
  5. receiving and processing applications for payment of social benefits (determining entitlements to benefits and their amount, submitting applications for the opinion of the Inter-Union Social Committee, implementing social benefits on the basis of decisions made, keeping current records in the IT system, preparing payment lists for the Payroll and the Finance and Accounting),
  6. providing in-kind assistance to employees and their families and to pensioners and their families who are permanently or temporarily in a difficult financial situation,
  7. organizing an annual meeting of the University authorities and representatives of trade unions operating at the University with pensioners - former employees of the UE in Katowice,
  8. conducting organizational and administrative matters related to the purchase and provision of subscription coupons and tickets for cultural events; ongoing monitoring and recording of payments made by employees,
  9. planning financial resources for regeneration meals for eligible employees of the University; keeping settlements of invoices and bills on this account,
  10. receiving and processing applications for housing loans (determination of entitlements to benefits and their amount, submission of applications for the opinion of the Inter-Union Social Committee, preparation and conclusion of agreements with borrowers in accordance with the Chancellor's decision), entering data into the IT system, preparing payroll lists for the Payroll and the Finance and Accounting),
  11. exercising supervision over the timeliness of payments of liabilities resulting from loan agreements for housing purposes; recording payments made individually; ongoing supervision over the correctness of the amount of instalments deducted from the remuneration and the current status of borrowers' debts; preparing applications for initiation of debt collection process in cases of failure to make timely payments or payments in underestimated amounts,
  12. substantive preparation of internal legal acts concerning social matters of employees and eligible former employees of the University,
  13. preparing reports on social activity for the needs of the University authorities and external entities.
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