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The tasks of the Property Management

The main tasks of the Property Management include the management and administration of the University's real estate, maintenance of the operational efficiency of buildings.

The tasks of the Office include, in particular:

a) in the field of real estate management,

  • development of property management plans,
  • cooperation in creating plans for the use of new facilities,
  • keeping records of land, real estate and buildings, preparing summaries for legal, registration and current needs, cooperation in the scope of completing documentation of real estate owned by the University,
  • conducting matters related to putting facilities into service (after the completion of the investment or in the form of lease, lending for use),
  • establishing proposals for the location of organizational units, student organizations, etc,
  • making rooms and areas available to external entities and obtaining didactic rooms from external entities,
  • drawing up and maintaining records of lease contracts for immovable property, premises and other service spaces, as well as for those rented by the University,
  • providing to the Finance and Accounting the data necessary to charge tenants,
  • preparation of data necessary to determine the amount of real estate tax payments,

b) in the field of facility administration and day-to-day operation:

  • developing action plans to ensure the protection of buildings and the safety of their users, including periodic technical inspections,
  • ensuring the protection of facilities, including:
  • ensuring 24-hour surveillance of all University facilities, organizing and controlling the security of facilities and rooms, as well as the work of property security guards, providing adequate equipment for porters lodges and guard houses,
  • supervision over the functioning of specialised services for the protection of buildings and premises,
  • monitoring the efficiency of electronic surveillance and alarm systems,
  • reporting and conducting cases related to property theft,
  • maintenance of permeability of passageways (external and internal) eliminating the occurrence of fire hazards and work safety,
  • equipping rooms with equipment and devices, fire-fighting equipment, ongoing inspection of the condition of equipment in accordance with fire safety instructions in consultation with a fire inspector,
  • ordering chimney sweep inspections,
  • organization of cleaning services in such a way as to ensure the proper sanitary condition of buildings and premises,
  • ensuring the supply of utilities,
  • control of utilities consumption,
  • preparing the University for work in special conditions (e.g. winter conditions, flood risks, etc.),
  • notification of investment and repair needs, participation in commissioning of the facilities,
  • maintenance of site logs,
  • identification of needs for equipping teaching premises with furniture and equipment and other rooms with commercial appliances and furniture,
  • commissioning current repairs and maintenance of office equipment and commercial appliances, which are at the disposal of the University's organizational units,
  • developing data for the calculation of operating costs of individual objects (rooms),
  • keeping records of the University assets in public premises and other premises not owned by specific organizational units (including marking of the assets),
  • preparation of rooms for conferences, conventions and other celebrations organized by the University,
  • running a storage facility of ceremonial academic costumes, maintaining and lending gowns for university events.
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