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Tasks of the Public Procurement

The Public Procurement is responsible for conducting matters related to the awarding of public contracts at the University, in particular for:

  1. Ongoing monitoring and informing via the website: about the scope of changes in the Public Procurement Law and their proper inclusion in the proceedings. 
  2. Development of a draft procurement plan based on data provided by the procurement units.
  3. Drawing up a plan of public procurement procedures to be conducted by the University in the coming financial year and publishing it on its website.
  4. Preparation, on the basis of the adopted material and financial plan and approved procurement plan, of preliminary announcements of contracts planned for the next 12 months (within the time and scope required by the Public Procurement Law [PPL]). 
  5. Receiving, registering and preliminary verification of applications for the initiation of proceedings, submitted by entities executing orders to the Public Tenders Committee.
  6. Conducting a formal procedure concerning public contract award procedures, in particular:
    • verification of the description of the subject of the contract and the value of the contract made by the executing unit,
    • developing tendering specifications, as well as other documents constituting the basis for initiating the procedure,
    • drawing up and publishing tender announcements in public procurement procedures and providing information to relevant entities in accordance with the provisions of the PPL Act.
  7. Participation in the work of the Committee.
  8. Administrative handling of conducted public procurement procedures and servicing its participants. 
  9. Receiving and registering offers.
  10. Preparation of documentation of public procurement procedures.
  11. Archiving offers submitted in the course of public procurement proceedings and documentation of proceedings for the period specified in the PPL Act, unless the contract financing agreements contain requirements for longer storage of such documents.
  12. Archiving classified documents relating to public procurement.
  13. Ensuring protection of information obtained in the course of public procurement procedures in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Classified Information and the Act on Combating Unfair Competition.
  14. Maintaining the University's Central Procurement Register.
  15. Preparing reports to the Public Procurement Office on contracts awarded by the University within the time and scope required by the provisions of the Public Procurement Law.
  16. Reporting on public procurement contracts.
  17. Keeping records on the performance of supplies of services, construction works, in the form of accepting copies of invoices from the entities performing the contract for the purpose of records and verification in terms of correctness of the description of procedures applied in the scope of public procurement.
  18. Providing advice and information to all interested University employees on the application of the PPL Act and detailed solutions adopted by the University in this respect.
  19. Organizing internal training on the application of the provisions of the PPL Act.
  20. Carrying out documentary checks of awarded contracts carried out by the entities performing the contracts.
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