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Tasks of the Rector's Office

The Rector's Office is a unit subordinate to the Rector of the University of Economics in Katowice, its main tasks include providing organizational and technical support to the Rector and Vice-Rectors, in particular:

  1. in the scope of organizational and technical service of the Rector and Vice-Rectors' activity, including:
    • coordinating, organizing and servicing meetings attended by the Rector or Vice-Rectors,
    • coordinating the participation of the Rector and Vice-Rectors in ceremonies and meetings of the academic community and the socio-economic environment of the University,
    • preparing or developing of materials commissioned by the Rector or Vice-Rectors,
    • cooperation with government administration bodies, local and professional self-government, scientific, professional and creators’ institutions and associations, employers' organizations, economic self-government, representatives of company management boards, financial institutions and other entities from the socio-economic environment of the University,
    • preparing and supervising the course of visits to the University at the invitation of the Rector,
    • receiving and endorsing correspondence,
  2. ensuring organizational and technical support for meetings of the Senate, the Convention and the Rector's College, including:
    • developing a draft schedule of meetings,
    • compilation, verification of compliance of materials with the subject matter of the meetings and their technical development,
    • providing the Senate members with materials for the meetings of the Senate,
    • drawing up minutes of the meetings,
  3. organizing university ceremonies (inauguration of the academic year, celebrations related to the University Feast, meetings with employees and other commissioned by the Rector),
  4. editing congratulatory and occasional letters,
  5. conducting matters related to the patronage of the University and of the Rector,
  6. supervision over the use of the conference room and rooms made available to the Rector's Office.

The tasks of the New Media include, among others:

  1. administration of the University's website,
  2. communication between the university and its environment, e.g. through maintaining a website in Polish, English and Russian, Electronic University Bulletin (newsletter), UE Forum, etc.,
  3. brand monitoring and Internet analytics,
  4. communication and development of the University's brand in new media,
  5. promoting events.
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