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Scientists' toolkit

Scientists' toolkit

Bibliometric analysis

The Main Library Bibliometrics, Documentation and Computerization section provides assistance in checking bibliometric indicators including the number of citations, impact factor and Hirsch index, based on available sources. In order to obtain this information, please get in touch by phone on +48 32 7865132 or send an inquiry to the email address:


Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Implements state policy in the area of science and higher education. Develops strategic solutions, ensuring implementation of EU programmes and funds. Supports the development of Polish universities, research institutes and scientific institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Is responsible for the affairs of the academic community - students, doctoral students and scientists. Ensures innovative development of Polish science and its active cooperation with the economy. Through programmes and initiatives, it supports scientists in the pursuit of scientific excellence, career development and innovative research. Fulfilment of these goals is also the aim of the Constitution for Science - a reform created in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in a close cooperation with the academic community.

Information Processing Centre - databases

Nauka Polska (Polish Science)

What is the Nauka Polska database?

It is the oldest OPI (National Information Processing Institute) database, maintained since 1990, and since 1999 available free of charge online. We are observing a constantly growing interest in our resources, both from individual users and various institutions.

What information can be found in the database?

Institutions - scientific and research and development institutions (public and private universities, units of the Polish Academy of Sciences, research institutes); institutions and organizations supporting science (archives, libraries, museums); central administration bodies and non-governmental institutions and organizations responsible for the shape of the state's science policy; associations; scientific associations and foundations working for science.

People of science - Poles (with at least a doctoral degree); Polish scientists abroad; foreigners working in Polish scientific and research and development institutes, members of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, as well as promoters and reviewers of Polish research papers.

Research (SYNABA system) - scientific and research and development projects; doctoral and habilitation dissertations.

Scientific conferences, fairs and exhibitions - events organized by Polish science-related institutions.

Archival projects - own and promoter research projects, developmental, ordered and targeted ones.

How to update saved information?

To meet the expectations of the scientific community, the National Information Processing Institute has introduced the option for users updating the data in the Reviewer Selection Support System and the Polish Science Knowledge Base system.

How to order data reports?

For interested users, we individually prepare data sets and detailed reports from the database that meet even very complicated selection criteria (for example, division into: scientific fields and disciplines, regions, industries, project size). We can also supplement the raw data with multi-faceted professional analysis, as well as provide the data in a format convenient for the recipient (e.g. Access database, report with an attached extract from the database, statistical analysis). There is a fee for this service, which is priced individually depending on the required criteria. Detailed information is provided by Mr. Krzysztof Wiliński by phone +48 22 570 14 58 or by e-mail 

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Platforma Otwartej Nauki (Open Science Platform)

About the Open Science Platform

The Open Science Platform is a competence centre for open models of scientific communication and knowledge distribution, a centre offering solutions and tools to implement these models, as well as a digital collection of Polish scientific publications.

As part of the Platform, we develop knowledge and skills which help to implement open models, taking into account global experience and local conditions - institutional, legal, economic and social.

We develop and provide IT tools as well as organizational and legal solutions enabling institutions to create their own open access infrastructure and supporting these institutions in developing and implementing open access policies and strategies.

The resources made available on the Open Science Platform websites are Polish scientific journals (Biblioteka Nauki - Library of Science), scientific books (Otwórz Książkę - Open a Book) and various types of scientific works - primarily articles - deposited by their authors (CeON Repository).

A scientist’s toolkit - Emanuel Kulczycki

Web of Science - training materials

Wirtualna Biblioteka Nauki (WBN) - Virtual Science Library

Electronic sources available in the EU Library (and from home via the remote access option)

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