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Tasks of the Student Fees and Debt Collection:

  1. Observance of the lawful recovery of debts.
  2. Preventing non-recovery or recovery at a rate lower than that resulting from the correct calculation.
  3. Preventing the statute of limitations on receivables or redemption contrary to the provisions of law.
  4. Coordination of tasks related to the conducted debt recovery proceedings (completion of documentation, preliminary analysis of documentation, preparation of comparative calculations, proposal of solutions, consultation of the legal situation with a legal adviser, submission of decisions to the University authorities).
  5. Checking and completing the documentation submitted to the court in connection with the conducted cases.
  6. Cooperation with the Legal Counsel in the scope of conducted court cases (piloting of cases submitted for consideration by the court).
  7. Providing financial services for students in respect of:
    • settlement of payments for educational services in the Bazus IT system, 
    • providing students with information on payment methods, dates and amounts of fees for educational services and calculated interest.
  8. Issuing pro-forma invoices, VAT invoices, correction invoices and certificates within the scope of services provided by the university.
  9. Formal service of agreements concluded with employers in the scope of financing part-time and postgraduate studies and courses.
  10. Acceptance of financial documents, formal and accounting control and recording in an IT system:
    • refunds of overpayments for educational services,
    • reimbursements of fees and deposits of persons accommodated in the Student Dormitory, 
    • scholarship lists.
  11. Cooperation with other organizational units of the university involved in providing financial services for students.
  12. Keeping and storing accounting books in accordance with the applicable statutory rules and ensuring the protection of data contained in accounting books kept using an IT system.
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