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Tasks of the Technical Support

The tasks of the Technical Support include maintaining proper technical performance of buildings and structures, devices, installations and networks in the University, in particular:

  1. identifying renovation and development needs,
  2. preparation of proposals for development, modernization and repair plans,
    • preparing, conducting and accounting for development projects and renovations, including commissioning and supervising the preparation of technical documentation as well as their acceptance,
    • investor's supervision over commissioned works and services including: quality control, adherence to design and contract, compliance with applicable regulations, and their acceptance,
  3. applying for external funds, accounting for the funds, and the cooperation with the institutions providing the subsidies,
  4. operation and maintenance of networks, installations and devices as required by applicable regulations and supervising institutions' guidelines,
  5. cooperation with the Property Management in regards of ensuring safe and appropriate use of real estate,
  6. improving the functionality of facilities and areas,
  7. adapting the infrastructure to the applicable regulations in the field of occupational health and safety and fire protection,
  8. technical support for the teaching process, including:
    • maintaining and expanding multimedia infrastructure and equipment,
    • routine support for the teaching process (including equipment hire) and occasional events,
  9. providing telephone services,
  10. preparing requested analyses and reports on the performed tasks.
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