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The tasks of the University Parametric Evaluation and Positioning include in particular:

  • In the scope of parametric evaluation:
    • coordination of work related to the preparation of a survey questionnaire for the unit at the Colleges, while retaining the rights and obligations of the Heads,
    • informing the academic community about the most important issues concerning parametric evaluation of units,
    • consulting doubts and explaining problems arising in the process of creating a unit survey questionnaire with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education,
    • conducting consultations for persons involved in the process of evaluation of scientific entities.
  • In the scope of College positioning:
    • planning and coordinating work related to the preparation of materials related to the positioning of Colleges , including national rankings of basic organizational units,
    • analysis of published rankings of universities and faculties and submission of conclusions resulting from the results of rankings to the University authorities,
    • consulting on the criteria for drawing up rankings in institutions and media that prepare rankings.
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