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Integration events

One of the main activities carried out by the Welcome Point is the organization of integration events. The purpose of those events is to support international students, who face many challenges connected with studying in a foreign country, by stimulating cultural adaptation and facilitating their integration into the academic community.

Integration Week

Integration Week is an event organized for all international students, both short- and long-term. It is one of the most important initiatives dedicated to foreigners, the aim of which is to help students integrate with the academic community and adapt to their new environment. Integration Week is held twice a year - before the summer and winter semester.

The event programme includes the following:

  1. Welcome Meeting with the university authorities and people directly involved in providing support for foreigners;

  2. Tour of the campus;

  3. Adaptation meetings for undergraduate and graduate students;

  4. Urban Game;

  5. Workshops on Polish culture and intercultural integration;

  6. Exploration of the region;

  7. Global Village - an event during which students from different countries talk about their home country and elements of its culture, such as typical cuisine, drinks, sweets, national dances, traditional songs, etc.

Integration Week for the summer semester 2023/2024 will be held on February 12 -16, 2024. More details will be available shortly.

World Café

World Café is a cyclical event addressed to the entire academic community. Its primary goal is to promote "internationalization at home" and intercultural integration. The name and the idea behind the meetings refers to the world café method, which is based on creating an environment modeled after a café, that facilitates discussions in a relaxed atmosphere, usually over coffee.

The main purpose of the event is to exchange information about different cultures, build international relations and shape attitudes of openness and tolerance. The meetings are led by international students and faculty members who get to share their knowledge and experiences, as well as representatives of the local government and business who, in turn, talk about how being in an intercultural environment affects professional life.

Christmas Party

The party gives our international students a unique opportunity to taste typical Polish Christmas Eve dishes, while listening to Christmas carols. Students from different countries can share stories about their own traditions related to this very special time of a year and exchange small gifts. The UE Christmas Party is a perfect moment to sum up and share opinions on the students’ stay in Katowice so far.

The event is also attended by representatives of the University authorities and units that support students on a daily basis.

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