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Are you interested in participating in the Program, but still wondering? Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions and clear your doubts.

What I should do as a Uni Buddy?

It all depends on you. Being a Uni Buddy isn't difficult, it's mostly about being a support to foreign colleagues who are often leaving their country and family for the first time. Go for a coffee or a walk, think about what's worth showing in Katowice - that's enough to start with. We'll also give you the opportunity to develop your skills and passions through a variety of events organized by Welcome Point, such as an integration week for international students, holiday meetings, trips and workshops. Remember that participation in the program is also meant to be an interesting adventure and fun for you. 

How much time do I have to invest to participate in the Program?

It all depends on personal preferences and time possibilities. Certainly, the most intense will be the first weeks of friendship, when the most questions and problems will arise. After this period, it will be up to you to decide if and how often you will meet. Remember that your students may be shy and slightly confused at first - it will be your job to show them that you are there to help.

What if I don't know how to help?

Welcome Point employees are always there to support you and help you find or suggest a solution. Anyone will be able to contact us via email, social media or phone.  

What if we can't get along?

No worries, we realize that sometimes, despite sincere intentions, people do not get along. We consider each such case individually, trying to find the optimal solution. It is important to communicate such problems to us right away.

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