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Testimonials ESTW 2022


                                                   Erasmus Staff Training Week 2022

                                              "Soft Skills in the International Setting"



Testimonials from participants:

Esmeralda, University of Extramadura, Spain

UEKs trainings have always fulfilled my expectations, I love coaching stuff and this idea of dealing with soft-skills every year is a very good idea, I would say. In our job, this is extremely important, we deal with people(s) from all over and it´s very demanding, and I believe this should be compulsory. I strongly recommend your trainings. All of them. The three ones I have been able to attend have been different but have left something behind, I took a bit from everyone of them -sure everyone does- because, in the end, they are very short, but you get a hint and curiosity, and that is the point. You analize your job/life from another perspective and although I would say I had certain knolwedge on the issues dealt each year, I did learn something new in each of them, they helped me to get feedback and the atmosphere created by the UEKs team has always done a lot for that too ;) 
I would like to THANK you all for your smiles, commitment and work. 


Barbara, Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany              It was a pleasure to took part and to get you all known. The programme was perfect and well organized. The strongest points of the trainings were to got aware about own thinking and doing.


Waad The British University in Egypt, Egypt  The stongest points of the trainings were: Dealing with different culture. Interactive training. Make professional connections. Opportunity to gain experience at a European University, to work with colleagues from different countries. Exchange views – differences and similarities - and good practice. Multicultural capacity building.
The programme needs to be more than 5 days.


Carina, Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, GermanyI particularly liked the presentation on what technology/virtual life does to us. The trainer appeared competent and used different methods to engage with the participants. 
Thank you so much for organising such an exceptional staff week. The week was well prepared and everyone was very welcoming and friendly. I had a great time and the International Office and UE Kat left a very positive impression on me.


Amira,The British University in Egypt, Egypt                             The training went very smooth and the creativity in delivering the messages was amazing. I think the training might be more than 5 days to increase the chance to gain more information. I think the Polish course needs to be easier to catch more things.


Aleksandros, University of Western Macedonia Aleksandros, Greece
The staff training week was beyond my expectations. The training was great and so was the social program!! Everything was professionally organized and the organizers were very hospitable. 
The crash course in Polish was good and useful and there were networking opportunities. The round- table discussion was also useful in spotting common problems. 


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