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Erasmus Staff Training Week 2023 

"Soft Skills in the International Setting"


Testimonials from participants

Milena, Bournemouth University


Professional staff, interesting topics, materials, great people with valuable experiences, organisation and staff from host institution. I do not see any negative points of the training. Both was well organised and beneficial. I am very grateful that I had opportunity to attend and be part of this experience. Thank you for all :)

I think Dr Sylvester did amazing presentation and this program could be 1-2h longer.

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in ESTW 2023 "Soft skills in an international environment", hosted by the University of Economics in Katowice. Staff members put on an amazing program and took care of every detail. I was impressed by the professionalism and the subject matter of the training. Two trainings were presented by different companies, which explained the subject in a very interesting and engaging way. I met amazing people from different countries and we had many opportunities to exchange knowledge. A trip to Krakow and a dinner with beautiful certificates was an amazing opportunity to spend time in Poland. Thank you all for your work and commitment.


Lucie, Brno University of Technology


Thanks a lot for your kindness and the whole program. It was really nice for me to be there. All was well organized and clear to follow. Strongest points of the trainings were: new view on soft skills for me, well described asertivity, both - working in teams, disccusions, interactivity. Krakow was a definitely good choice for guided tour.


Lejla, University of Montenegro


Through the educational workshops, we had the opportunity to network with each other and make better acquaintances that will benefit us on a business, and perhaps also a private level. I am really very satisfied with your organization. The whole atmosphere was very nice and we felt very welcome at your university. Everyone from the office for international cooperation is very kind and professional. Thank you for a nice first Erasmus experience.


Zdenka, VSB - Technical University in Ostrava

Everything was accurate. Enough time to be together and also enough time to see the city ourselves. Good programme and excelent lecturer of the Insight Discovery. Nice trip to Cracow with excelent guide. The great place to visit next would be Wieliczka. Excellent organization team. Thank you all so much for fantastic time spended with you.


Veronika, Brno University of Technology


The strongest points of the trainings were: participant interaction in groups and role playing.In general, it can be stated that both lessons were beneficial (but especially 2 lessons). Interaction and working in groups allowed us to get to know each other better. Sometimes there was a natural exchange of contacts. Nevertheless, it is good to have a simple "brochure" with a description and contact details of the participants, which is shared at the beginning. The social program was balanced and well structured in terms of content. For me, this is one of the best exchange events within Erasmus+. Great credit goes to the organizers, who were very pleasant.


Parveen, University of Mauritius

The most useful and interesting programmes were Individual Effectiveness Workshop Insights Discovery and Effective interpersonal communication and assertiveness.

The training helped me realised that i was submissive and people/ colleagues took advantage of me. I am now working on myself to become assertive. Networking and learning how colleagues from other countries were performing certain tasks. The whole programme was well organised, i am so grateful to the team.


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