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Erasmus Staff Training Week 2024  

"Soft Skills in the International Setting"



Testimonials from participants

Fatih, MEF University                                          

Tuesday’s training was great. The trainer prepared well and it was easy to see that he is expert in his field. Morevoer, the materials that he used were quite useful. In general, I believe that both trainings' subjects were compatible. I think the program was excellent. There were trainings, crash course, trip, dinner. It was an extraordinarily well-thought-out project that was prepared according to a one-week program.

Ludmila, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy

Well selected group activities helping group dymanics and understanding of personal awareness during the first training. Nothing was missing, on the contrary - congratulations on planning, organizing and implementing this enriching programme, with all related activities! Great International office team! Thank you for the opportunity to take part of this staff week! It was enriching and even eye-opening in several aspects. Thank you for the hospitality and care!

Mante, Kaunas University of Technology

The strongest point of trainings was interaction with colleagues from different countries, group exercises, role playing exercises."Intercultural differences in common work" teacher was an interesting character. Maybe he could have focused more on the training materials rather than his personal stories.I enjoyed crash course in Polish so much, I wish we did more of it. Very useful and fun!

Thank you so much for an amazing opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and get to know new cultures, I thoroughly enjoyed my time and will highly recommend this staff training to everyone!

Jenny, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik- USEK

Both trainings significantly improved communication between the participants. This led to better interactions and collaboration among us. Additionally, our overall communication and life skills were enhanced especially in the first Training, contributing to our personal and professional growth.

Training 2 was tailored on an individual experience by the trainer. We did not implement it on the spot using some exercises, but it was definitely effective and helpful, ensuring that everyone gained valuable skills and insights specific to their personal development needs.

Maybe we should have exchanged more information about the tools used at each university so we could learn from each other and possibly apply some of these tools at our own university. However, the dorms tour and the library visit were very useful and helpful. We learned about and observed new tools and techniques that are not available at our university.

Anna-Magdalena, DHBW Mosbach

Polish course: Very lively course organization, immersive language teaching, "Effective communication in teams - Assertiveness": Very appreciative treatment of all course participants and their contributions.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone involved in preparing, organising and running the Staff Week! It was an excellent experience for all of us. For me, being in Poland for the first time and taking part in a Staff Week for the first time, it was even more special. I learned a lot about our neighbour country and will surely come back some time. - And maybe we will indeed see the entire group again in Katowice in 10 years time. :-) Bardzo dziękuję!

Venera, Dulaty Taraz Regional University

Coach Dr. Syiwester Pietrzyk's knowledge was very deep. He is a true professional in his field. He knows English at a high level. His technique is very well chosen. There are no weakest points here. Thanks to all the organizers for the invitation. All the work was done at the highest level. I wish your university prosperity and success.

Nadja, DHBW MosbachThe 10th staff week was a great benefit for me personally. It was not only my first time in Katowice, but my first time in Poland. And after this week I can say: I will be very happy to come back. The trainings offered were of very high quality. In particular, the training on Tuesday with the work in different groups was very valuable. All the participants were able to get to know each other better and grow together as a group. We learned and laughed together. Many thanks to the International Office of the University of Economics in Katowice for this great and eventful week!
Anne, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna

I liked the first training with Sylwester very much. The first few activities helped the group to get to know each other better, which was great for the dynamic of the rest of the week. It was also good to see the role plays to get an idea of the different situations where communication styles can make a big difference in our daily work life.

I liked the visit to the Silesian museum on Friday. For me it might have been helpful to have this visit at the beginning of the week, because it helped me make sense of some of the information that you (IO staff) or the trainers gave us about the region.

Thank you so much for the invitation to the staff week. It was very well organized and it was so great to meet all of the International Relations team - you are all so very nice :) Thanks for all the effort and work you put into organising the staff week! It was really a nice experience and I will recommend our students to study with you in Katowice.


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