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Rules of publishing information in the University's channels

General principles

  1. The information published in the channels of the University should concern events in the life of the University, organized or co-organized by the University, as well as news for the academic community.
  2. Organizations, teaching staff, students, student organizations and academic circles of the University should have the right to submit information.
  3. The content and form of information may not violate the law, rules of social coexistence and good manners.
  4. No advertising or commercial services can be provided through the channels. An exception to this rule are entities with which the University has signed cooperation agreements. 
  5. The editor of the University's website may agree to publish information about partners, sponsors or non-profit institutions of individual projects together with links to their websites.

Rules of publishing information on the University's website PL/ EN

  1.  News should be sent via e-mail to the following email address:
  2. Units interested in posting information in English are obliged to send the translated content by e-mail to the following email address:
  3. The editor of the website decides about the publication of information on the website.
  4. The editor of the website decides about placing untypical elements such as banners, scripts, etc. on the website. The person reporting the information is responsible for providing additional graphic elements. Graphic materials require the consent of the graphic designer.
  5. The Editor of the website may refuse to place information material on the website due to its factual or editorial defects, and the graphic material due to its technical parameters, incompatibility with the University's Visual Identification System and lack of the right to publish the material in accordance with the copyright law. Information about the refusal will be sent to the author via e-mail.

    In order to obtain approval of the graphic material using elements of the University’s VIS, please contact the graphic designer:

  6. The editor of the website is authorized to modify the submitted information in accordance with the accepted rules of content editing in consultation with the author or the owner of the content.
  7. Information sent as news are published within 24 hours or on the next working day following their correct notification.
  8. Information published on the website is placed together with the name of its author (first name, surname, role/title, organizational unit).
  9. Along with sending the notification of information, its author or owner agrees to the publication of their personal data on the website (first name, surname, role/title, organizational unit).
  10. If there are significant changes in the content of the information, it is possible to create new information taking into account the changes.
  11. The publication period is a maximum of 7 days before the event and a maximum of 7 days after the event. The extension of the period of publication of information is subject to the decision of the editor of the website.
  12. The editor of the website does not re-edit the content of previously posted news, but in justified cases reserves the right to modify the content, in consultation with the author or the owner of the content.
  13. The current information is published in chronological order of the date on which it was sent, subject to paragraph 11.
  14. In the case of publication of information of exceptional importance for the University, the editor of the website may decide to give it a higher rank by placing it in the news rotator on the home page or in the form of a TOP in one of the four categories of news: University, Students, Science and Business, Admissions. 

Rules for publishing the photo gallery

  1. There is a possibility of placing photos in the photo gallery (the number of photos should not exceed 40 and the length of the longer side of the photo should not exceed 800 pixels).
  2. The materials should be sent via e-mail to the following email address:

Rules for displaying information on screens

  1. An abbreviated content of information published on the University's website may be placed in the form of graphics displayed on monitors in: Building A and CNTI.
  2. Materials in 1920x1080 resolution should be sent by e-mail to the folllowing email address

Rules for publishing information in the Electronic University Bulletin

  1. The Newsletter of the University of Economics in Katowice – Electronic University Newsletter – is published in the months from October to June once a week, in the remaining period every two or three weeks depending on the intensity of information. The recipients of the publication are journalists as well as the community and supporters of the University of Economics in Katowice.
  2. The information is published in five categories: Upcoming Events, It has Happened, Worth Knowing, Achievements, Information for Students.
  3. Once a month, Information from meetings of collegiate bodies of the University of Economics in Katowice and “New publications” are also published.
  4. Information published on the website of the University may be published in the form of news in the Electronic University Bulletin.
  5. The materials to be published in EUB should be sent via e-mail to the following email address:
  6. The Electronic University Bulletin is edited by New Media in the Communication Office.

Domain and alias policy

After the introduction of the new website of the University, we decided to unify the addresses of websites operating within the TYPO3 content management system.

A huge number of subdomains, which has characterized our website so far, adversely affects the visibility of the website in the Internet, dispersal of presented information into various subdomains, may adversely affect the results in various types of online rankings, including Webometrics.

Until now, it was possible to create subdomains of type: This is no longer possible with the introduction of a new policy. Therefore, all websites of entities operating within the TYPO3 content management system and on our server are requested to change their websites' addresses to those compliant with the Domain Policy contained in this document.

It is worth noting once again that the above mentioned rules apply to all websites of entities operating within the TYPO3 content management system, as well as those operating on our server.

If you wish to change your sub-domain, for example alias should be reported to the IT Centre or to the Rector's Office - New Media.

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