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Academic Tutoring Program

The Academic Tutoring Program at the University of Economics in Katowice is a series of meetings during which students, by preparing written works and performing other tasks, develop their skills in editing scientific texts, presenting knowledge and conducting discussions. The tutor's task is to provide assistance in achieving a higher level of competence and searching for ways of individual scientific and professional development.

Academic tutoring is a didactic method aimed at developing the intellectual potential of students and teaching them how to work independently. The origins of academic tutoring can be traced back to the reforms of the German Minister of Higher Education, Wilhelm von Humboldt. After the fall of Frederick II's absolutism, reforms of the Prussian State began, which also included higher education . For Humboldt, the most important thing was to educate and develop specific skills, and not only to transfer knowledge - which can only be achieved by treating the student as a partner. The aim of the Humboldt approach to education was to activate the intellect, bringing to mind the ancient student-master relationship.

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