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Addiction-free university

Drugs and alcohol are becoming a serious problem in the modern society; this also affects students - people who will soon pursue a variety of professions, some of which will entail taking charge of other people’s lives. 

In response to the social problem of addiction, in November 2005 the University of Economics in Katowice joined the "Universities free from addiction" program. On this page you will find information on the results of this program and other useful information regarding the problem of addiction.

"Spread your wings"

Many people are struggling with the burden of their past. They come from dysfunctional families, especially ones affected by alcohol abuse. We recommend a book by ks. dr. hab. Grzegorz Polok, a professor at the University, written together with students, "Spread Your Wings ["Rozwinąć skrzydła"] For many, this book marked the beginning of a positive change.

We encourage you to visit the website at

The book is available in 7 languages. Download a free e-book

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