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Phases of addiction development

Phase 1 - social drinking

  • drinking is a pleasure;
  • increased tolerance and desire for alcohol;

Phase 2 - warning

  • looking for opportunities to drink;
  • initiating drinking rounds;
  • feeling better after drinking;
  • "life and soul of the party";
  • alcohol brings relief, relieves tension;
  • drinking ends with a blackout;
  • hidden drinking attempts when alone, to relieve hangover symptoms;

Phase 3 - critical

  • remorse, "moral hangover";
  • "hair of the dog" brings relief;
  • neglecting the family;
  • marital conflicts;
  • absence from work;
  • justifying drinking by numerous [social] occasions;
  • increase of aggressiveness, in trouble with the law;
  • irregular eating;
  • neglecting one’s own appearance;
  • libido disorders;
  • drinking binges alternating with periods of total abstinence to improve health and prove "strong will";
  • taking oaths of abstinence;
  • sense of emptiness and helplessness;

Phase 4 - chronic

  • periods of prolonged drunkenness;
  • morning drinking - "giant hangover";
  • getting drunk alone;
  • decrease in alcohol tolerance;
  • reaching for non-consumable alcohol forms;
  • breakup of family ties;
  • taking things from home to sell and stealing - to get alcohol;
  • professional and social debasement;
  • alcohol dementia - "secondary illiteracy";
  • drinking becomes the only goal in life;
  • alcohol psychosis - "delirium";
  • alcoholic epilepsy;
  • somatic diseases - polyneuropathy, liver cirrhosis;
  • extreme exhaustion;
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