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Stages of treatment

Treating alcohol dependency

  • detoxification, stopping the binge, detoxification of the body;
  • pharmacological treatment of mental and somatic disorders;
  • building awareness of the problem of alcohol addiction;
  • opening up to receive information about alcoholism and ways out of addiction;
  • developing motivation to maintain abstinence;
  • use of "pharmacological supports" (e.g. Anticol, Esperal);
  • recognizing your powerlessness against alcohol, "giving up" and allowing a vision of a sober life;
  • creating a plan to change one’s behaviour and try to consistently implement it step by step;


  • using individual and group forms of psychological support to understand oneself and solve one's problems;
  • establishing contact with family and encouraging loved ones to take part in couples and family psychotherapy;
  • care for one's health and physical fitness;
  • mental hygiene - skilful, constructive release of mental tension in a stressful situation;
  • working on personal development in self-help groups, e.g. "Alcoholics Anonymous" (AA), abstinence clubs, church sobriety movements, etc.;
  • reinforcing the pursuit of sobriety using outpatient forms of support, e.g. individual counselling, therapy retreats and "marathons";


  • engaging in helping others who need help;
  • change of drinking interests to other interests;
  • reconstructing family ties and taking care of rebuilding feelings and trust;
  • concern for family unity and creating a warm atmosphere for raising children;
  • learning to be sober in various social situations;
  • creative use of leisure time;


  • lifestyle change;
  • full acceptance of sobriety as a state of body, mind and spirit;
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