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Stereotypes regarding regulation of emotions typical for addiction

  • Alcohol becomes the primary source of pleasure; the attractiveness and availability of other sources decrease.
  • Pleasure increasingly comes from alleviating pain, and the experiences related to the bio-psycho-social effects of drinking become the main type of pain to be alleviated.
  • Mental resistance to unpleasant states decreases, and the fear of suffering becomes stronger than the fear of the negative effects of drinking.
  • Alcohol is the basic means of alleviating pain, so it becomes indispensable because it allows for a reduction in suffering and creates a hope for obtaining temporary pleasurable states.
  • The prospect of abstinence is not supported in the sphere of feelings, subjective beliefs are becoming stronger: drinking is necessary, the break in drinking must end.
  • More and more emotional states are locked between the extremes: suffering - relief, anxiety - calmness, lower mood - arousal.
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