Internal procedure for students regarding documentation submitted for a dissertation defense and a realization of an online diploma examination /Katowice campus

  1. The student sends his/her dissertation (with an annotation in the e-mail that it is the final version of the dissertation) to the supervisor by e-mail /from his/her account in the domain The dissertation is saved according to the rules of the Ordinance No. 43/19 of the Rector, in the Microsoft Word 97-2003 (*.doc) format titled: of study.program /in small letters/ [Example: brown.john.1s.msg (degree and form of study are respectively for full-time studies 1s, 2s and for part-time studies 1n, 2n, the abbreviation of the program should be used the same as given in the Virtual University)]. 
  2. The supervisor verifies the dissertation in the Uniform Anti-plagiarism System (JSA) and sends it together with the report of the anti-plagiarism test and the review to the Dean's Office.
  3. The person responsible for that study program at the Dean's Office informs the student by e-mail (send to the email address in the domain about the obligation to submit:

    • clearance form /signed/,
    • declaration on personal data processing /signed/,
    • declaration of independent dissertation preparation /signed/,
    • additional information to the diploma supplement together with documentary evidence.

  4. The documents referred to in point 3 are sent by the student using the form available at the domain link: 
  5. The supervisor sets a date for the diploma examination with the Dean's Office and immediately provides the student and reviewer with this information.
  6. The Dean's Office /the Defense Section/ sets up Google meeting rooms /one room for the open session and another room for the closed session of the diploma examination/ and sends an invitation for a video meeting to the supervisor, reviewer and students.
  7. Invitation for the defense (with detailed instructions) is sent from only to the student's address in the domain
  8. The student is obliged to confirm acceptance of the invitation for the defense by accepting participation in the meeting with the "YES" button.
  9. The online diploma examination takes place in oral form before an examination board convened by the Dean, through a Google Meet connection. Participation in the exam requires a camera and a microphone.
  10. The members of the examination board and the student are obliged to start the connection 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of the diploma examination. The chairman of the board verifies the student's identity /it is necessary to present a student ID card/.
  11. During the diploma examination, the student receives three questions related to the subject of the dissertation, written in a chat.
  12. At the end of the open session of the diploma examination, the chairman of the examination board, together with the supervisor and the reviewer, switch to a closed session in order to agree on the exam result.
  13. The chairperson of the examination board announces the result of the examination after returning, together with the members of the board, to the open session.
  14. In the event of a discontinuity of the connection or the occurrence of technical problems which make it impossible to conduct the diploma examination, the chairperson of the examination board decides whether to continue or repeat the diploma examination.
  15. The Dean's Office /the Defense Section/ sends the certificate of defense, containing the final result of the studies, to the student via email, using the domain
  16. Within 30 days from the date of the completion of studies the University awards the graduate with the higher education diploma together with the diploma supplement and 2 additional copies of the diploma, including, upon request from the graduate /submitted by the day of the diploma examination at the latest/, their copy in a foreign language.