Paneuropa PANEUROPA is a students’ organization on the University of Economics in Katowice. We create opportunities for students to both develop their passions and to get to know the world of business since the first year of studies. In 18 years of experience we have organized more than 120 projects with approximately 1285 participants each year. Our actions are based on four values: openness, development, team and positive energy. Our mission is to be the star in a grey crowd. There are no words to describe the amazing people and relationships that the members have and which last many years after their graduation. We collaborate with the biggest companies in Poland from the business field like ING, Jeronimo Martins, Coca-Cola, BCG and the numer of our partners is rising year by year. 

Head of Organization: Martyna Hudziec

ul. 1 Maja 50, Katowice
Building B, room 2
Tel.: +48 32 257 7224