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Moodle Platform

In October 2018, the new Moodle platform was launched. It is also available as an app and adjusted to the needs of people with disabilities. The platform is available at:

Advantages of the platform:

  • students can log in with their Google account, as we are integrated with our domain;
  • facilities for people with disabilities (WCAG - color/reading of the text - after you are logged in);
  • you can easily start courses by clicking the “order course” button;
  • joint event calendars;
  • available as a computer app.

Moodle is also available as a mobile app (Android, iOS), which allows you to:

  • access the course content easily - you can also view it offline;
  • contact other course participants quickly;
  • receive notifications of messages, events or tasks;
  • send files from your phone;
  • easily track learning progress and see your grades;
  • have classes in bigger groups.

Loggin in:

See also: Frequently Asked Questions (in Polish)

The new system complies with the provisions or GDPR (users may request the controller, who manages their personal data, to export their personal data).

Feel free to visit:

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